MUSSEL MIX - Discus Fish

So fish diets which is the best?

Firstly we will discuss what NOT to feed.

1.Flake, flake is no good for discus as its not nutricious its like us humans living on wafer biscuits.

2. Bloodworms, bloodworms are 99% water and just not nutriciuos enough for discus, many say they go mad for them, yes they do its not because they love them its because as they are all water your fish are contantly hungry. Bloodworm also carry pathogens that gives discus internal worms so not an ideal food.

3. Beefheart, beefheart is offal like liver and kidneys, beefheart is full of sinew that fish wont eat, this sits on the bottom of the tank and just pollutes the tank water. Beefheart as its offal builds bacteria very quickly especially in warm damp places, a fish tank is an ideal breeding ground for it causing many bacterial problems for discus such as hole in the head syndrome. Beefheart is an old hat food originally fed 50 years ago as seafood wasnt available much then like it is now.


There are many home made foods out there for sale many made and sold without a licence and many not made correctly. Most use blenders to make it, this is wrong as it doesnt matter how long its mixed for its impossible to get all the particles the same size. If your discus swallow a large particle they get bloat and die as theres no treatment for it. Fish food should always be made in a mincer one with a 2mm hole size screen in, this makes all the particles the same small size.

So what is one of the best foods on the market?


Made with 100% pure mussels its a complete food as it contains all the vitamins and minerals fish require. Our opinion is mussel is far more natural. All fish foods should be made from fish derivatives its not natural for fish eating cow. Our food contains 22 ingredients including ammino acids, essential oils and all the vitamins they need for a healthy life and giving superb growth rates

Made under licence and by industrial mincer by us giving peace of mind your giving your fish the best diet possible.

Try some today, once given to your discus they wont go back to beefheart. A pack of 5 mussel mix will feed 6 discus twice daily for around 3 months, far cheaper than frozen blister packs of unhealthy food

Most community fish will also eat this food

All our discus and tropicals are fed on the mussel mix 


Just remember to refreeze it when you get it and feed to the fish frozen too