Discus Fish Sales Delivery 


We can post up to 20 - 2.5 inch discus in one box, we will always pick the nicest fish first for any customer.

Due to costings we require a minimum of 5 discus per order.

 Care and transportation of fish is our top priority.



 Worried about having them posted? Please dont, we have strict packaging rules to follow laid down by DEFRA. All our fish are packed in a minimum 10 litres of water with pure oxygen, triple bagged and place securely in a polystyrene box and packed inside a cardboard box too. It contains 2 heat packs which keep the fish warm for up to 24 hours. We use a DEFRA licenced courier and the boxes go through the system in security cages. All drivers know what they are carrying and take great care of your fish box. Fish are only in the box around 18 hours from packaging to being delivered. Dead on arrival rates are roughly 1 dead in every 1000 fish we post, even in winter. Delivering fish well and alive is our top priority





 Next Fish AND Food delivery (posted together) will be Friday 31st Jan between 8am and 12pm (APC overnight).

Mussel mix orders only will be posted Wednesday 29th Jan royal mail 1st class.


When you make a discus order online you MUST leave a contact  MOBILE telephone number at checkout.

This is very important in case we need to contact customers. Leaving no contact number can delay delivery.

PLEASE make sure the delivery address is 100% correct as we cannot help if the courier driver cannot find you.

We can only deliver to mainland uk as ferry crossings are not permitted with live fish to islands off shore.

These are the service limitations for scotland