discus floating


When your box of discus arrives remove all outer packaging. Fish themselves are packed in 3 to 4 layers of polythene bags. Remove any outer bags so they are only in one bag thickness.

Float them in your tank and leave the tank light on. Please at this stage take images and or videos of the discus in the bag making sure all images are clear and the discus can be clearly seen just in case there maybe a problem.

Turn the tank light off and float the fish bag for no more than 15 minutes and then let them go into your tank.

Its quite normal for the odd one to lay down upon delivery, they are not dead just stressed so dont panic. Leave them be and usually the next day they will be up and swimming as normal. Please DONT try and make them get up and swim it may actually kill them, leave them be and they will come round on there own. In the meantime keep the tank light off until all fish are up and swimming.

When discus go in a new tank they stress, many lose there colour, its quite normal, it can take a week for them to settle in properly. Younger fish can take up to another 3 months to properly develop there colours so dont fret we will never send the wrong fish out.

Food wise they require a good high protein diet so no flake or bloodworm as these are not nutricious enough and you will starve your fish bloodworm are 99% water and wont satify your fish. We feed ours on our mussel mix which is made under licence, a complete frozen food and no other dietry needs are required. DO NOT feed beefheart, its offal and builds bacteria very quickly in warm damp places, fish tanks are an ideal breeding ground. They require feeding 2 to 3 times daily but do not over feed each time they should be able to eat it all within 15 minutes

It may take up to a week for your discus to feed properly they will still be settling in, dont panic they will go 3 weeks without food so dont keep feeding if there not eating it, all it will do is put the nitrate levels up in the tank and cause problems.

happy discus keeping, any problems please ring Richard on 07940194221