Terms and Conditions

We pride ourselves on succesfully delivering live fish through a courier service for over 4 years.

our terms and conditions are:


1, All our discus are top quality and QC checked when they leave us. We will give 24 hours guarantee on discus which have been picked up in person by the customer, ALL discus that are posted as there live animals we will guarantee "live delivery" after that its out of our hands as to wether the tank conditions they go in cause death, this is down to the new owner, we cannot guarantee they have been or even the correct food during the customers ownership. We use a DEFRA licenced courier to cut the risk of dead on arrival as the fish travel in security cages throughout the journey. but dead on arrival can still happen but only in 0.1% of the time on average posting is pretty secure but in this case posted discus are 100% bought at the buyers risk, we require a photo emailed to us within one hour of delivery as proof of DOA. We also require photo evidence any any faulty or unwell fish within one hour of delivery. We also cannot accept a photgraph of a dead fish inside a bag as its not a true reflection of living or not its impossible to tell. We cannot refund just on a customers say so.

2. Our guarantee in section 1 above is an industry standard, please dont expect us to guarantee fish for weeks after purchase as we have no control on water conditions the fish are kept in.

3 As most of our discus are young fish it takes a while for them after purchase to grow and colour up, for this reason all the images used on the website are of the actual parents of the fish that are for sale and a snap shot of what they will eventually look like and we are not responsible if you think your discus dont have any pattern or colour its just because they are young fish.

4, We will accept dried food returns as long as the food is returned to us onopened and unused and still in its vacuum sealed bag, you the customers must pay for return postage, any payments will be refunded within 10 days of our repiept of the goods being returned.

5, Discount codes are quite visible on the website, if a code is not used then there will be no refund for the discount amount after checkout.

6. We reserve the right to alter an order if for some reason we are out of stock, something very similar will be substituted.

7, We will gladly cancel an order but cancellation charges are £30 per box of fish due to costings etc

8 If for any reason the discus need to be returned due to refund they MUST be returned within 3 days of purchase, back to us in the same condition they were when when delivered to the buyer.

9, We do not recommend mixing discus with others from somewhere else it could cause cross contamination, in this case we recommend buy more fish from your original supplier.

10, Paypal have changed there refund policy. Paypal now will not refund the seller paypal fees from a sale. Anyone cancels an order paid through paypal before delivery takes place, us as sellers will not lose out on paypal fees, the buyer if wanting to refund will have to pay us as sellers the lost paypal fees so we dont lose out on refunds, we cannot be out of pocket from paypal refunds. So eg if you order £200 on paypal and theres an £12 paypal fee to us. A refund to the buyer will take place but only recieve £188 in the refund.