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Discus Fish Sales are the UK's No1 specialist breeders and suppliers of discus.





With nearly ten years experience providing excellent discus for sale to the hobbyist and tropical fish keeper at affordable low prices.

England/Wales/Scotland mainland overnight delivery available through DEFRA registered courier. Bred by ourselves in tap water keeps the costs low enabling us to pass the saving on to the customer.

We are one of a handful that can sucessfully hand rear discus unlike many that try and fail, we dont do cheap imports or badly bred German discus.

All our discus for sale are 100% bred from top quality parents, no cross breeding just pure bred discus.





Never kept them before? We can advise on set up, water and everything to do with keeping them please dont hesitate to use the contact us page for any info you would like to know.

 Our aim is providing excellence to all our customers from simple advice right up to supplying top discus fish. Our expertees goes from simply keeping discus fish right up to breeding them. We are proud to say we are in a minority of breeders who can hand rear them.

We strive to keep as many strains of discus available as possible giving a large choice of discus fish, choose from including checker boards and blues and many more strains of discus. If there's something we havent got we will surely try our best to fulfill your requirements. We are only happy if you are happy.


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Discus For Sale



 Discus fish are tropical fish, their natural habitat are the ponds and rivers around the Amazon river basin in South America. Discus fish are flat in appearance and the extended fins gives them the disc shape hence "discus" as their common name. In good health they should live around 8 to 9 years years and discus fish can grow to 9 or 10 inches round, making them discus shape and look really superb, the colourful oranges, reds and blues make them an absolutely stunning fish to have in any aquarium. Discus come in many variants, with such a choice to choose from sometimes its difficult to decide which discus to have in the tank. Kept in a community tank they will do well with most community fish, tetras and such like make good tank companions. Discus though are better kept with at least 3 or 4 in one tank, it seems it just wouldn't be right keeping one on its own. Discus are quite a sought after fish and a few in a tank with their explosive colours sets any tank alive!!!

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