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 Discus fish are one of the most popular tropical fish kept by fish keepers. They come from the Amazon river in South America, they pick the relaxed back waters of the river. Discus fish are one of the most colourful and brightest of tropical fish making them quite common in our tropical fish tanks at home. There are endless strains and types and i would declare the most beautiful fish you can have in a tank.

   Discus are quite shy fish and hate loud noises, any fiddling with the tank and they will quickly shy away. In addition they hate a stressful atmosphere and choose a nice calm enviroment, just as they would in the wild. These fish can grow quite large approaching eight or nine inches giving them the distinctive discus shape. Good water environment is vital in keeping them although over the years they have become hardier than they used to be. Some pet shops will sell them tap water hardened and they fit straight into your tank without much fuss.

  Discus fish have what they call three base coats, the base, additional base and the last base. There is no rules to qualify which colour any off spring may be, an example is the second base colour is chemical based therefore if two spotted discus had youngsters the new fish would still have spots but these could be in different places on the body.

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