How to Keep Discus Fish

How To Keep Discus Fish


feeding discus


A good diet is very important for keeping your dicus fish healthy, here we will go through some of the do's and dont's. lets start with some of the Do's

1, All our discus are fed our mussel mix available on the website HERE We highly recommend you feed this to your fish as its a complete diet and includes all the vitamins and minerals discus require. All 2/2.5 inch discus are only 8 weeks old and changing there diet will result in fish not feeding for two weeks, not a good idea at this development stage in there lives. Try and avoid beefheart as usually its just pure and doesnt contain the ammino acids discus need, beefheart was a food introduced 40 years ago when seafood wasnt quite as available as it is now, my opinion is fish eat fish not cow.



This is just my experience i wont recommend feeding bloodworms, although the discus love them for one they are around 10 nutritious and 90% water and not very high in protein. Also if you feed these to discus it's very likely they will get internal worms, sometimes this is difficult to detect until its too late, signs of this are going thin and excreting white poo, although this could be another health issue too. Treatment is available but is it worth all the hassle? Also you will find that bloodworms usually work out more expensive than the beef heart diet. Something else to remember is especially frozen bloodworm sometimes they are frozen in stagnant water or the water isn't very fresh, remember would you want to put nasty water in your tank 3 times per day? A tasty treat now and then NO not for me, i would never feed those again.

All our fish are UK bred and we dont recommend adding them to a tank containing imported discus as theres a high chance there will be some sort of cross contamination.

Never put any white, yellow or red starins of discus in dark coloured tanks, ie dark background or dark gravel, these types of discus have the "pigeon" strain in the DNA, its not unhealthy for them its just ruins there looks, se we advise having a tank as light coloured as possible (this cant be done with tank lighting) so lighter the better, try and avoid sand as its impossible to keep the tank clean on the bottom though.


I would recommend feeding the discus 3 times a day, 3 is really sufficient, little and often is my opinion. always clean any uneaten food out as left in could cause unhealthy water parameter changes. Dont over feed them in the wild there is little food and they can go a week even two weeks without food. Keep the water around 82/84F 28/29C discus seem to have a better appetite at this temperature and growth rate.

Never mix discus from different places as it can cause a wipout from bacterial infections, always stick to the same supplier 




















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