Discus Fish


Beefheart has been well known for many years as an ideal food for discus. well now we can post it Safely and quickly direct to you.

Made to our homemade recipe, all the sinew and fat has been removed so its pure red 100% beefheart. As its an "offal" and builds bacteria very quickly we now vaccum pack it quickly when made. All air is removed from the pack making it safe if defrosted through the post. All we ask is as soon as you recieve it please put it straight in the freezer and let it re freeze before you feed it to your fish. Using a sharp knife cut a little off and feed to the fish frozen too, dont let it defrost 10 minutes before feeding.

We post out 1st class Royal Mail FREE

Feed your fish 3 times daily, (also suitable for most tropicals)

 Beefheart ordered with fish the beefheart will be sent out seperately.